About the Author

Why I Wrote This

Goal: Help young adults and teens avoid the major sand traps of life!

Trust Your Radar aims to provide clear, reasonable advice and practical solutions, delivered with memorable, entertaining, and fun stories from my varied careers.

We’ve got to break the cycle of every generation repeating the same mistakes – and have fun along the way!

I didn’t want to just tell great stories about my multiple careers and exploits. Helping you is the purpose. During these careers, I’ve witnessed people making the same mistakes over and over, generation after generation.

I’ve also uncovered an effective approach to these issues, based on a calm, teachable process we use in emergency situations, which leads to good decision making in everyday life. This, along with a core of baseline honest information, is what I want to pass on to younger people (including my daughter) to help them maximize their lives.

It’s time to replace “Just say no,” abstinence only, celebrity and reality show worship, intolerance, rigid ideologies, smoke and mirrors – with accurate information and workable solutions.

Author of Trust Your Radar: Honest Advice for Teens and Young Adults from a Surgeon, Firefighter, Police Officer, Scuba Divemaster, Golfer, and Amateur Comedian. A totally unique self-improvement book.

Physician specializing in Orthopedic Surgery, Microsurgery of the Hand, Wrist and Upper Extremity. Has been known to reattach amputated body parts, if requested.

Firefighter who went from volunteer to certified firefighter, driver-engineer, lieutenant, captain, assistant chief, dive rescue team leader, safety officer, fire instructor, and three time president of fire-rescue volunteer associations.

Police Officer who actually liked road patrol, bicycle and marine units, capturing aggressive drivers, and teaching young people about conflict resolution, anti-bullying, personal safety, alcohol and drug strategies, and decision making skills.

Scuba Divemaster and founder of fire-rescue dive team. Always amazed at the undersea world and its creatures – especially the big ones – whale sharks, great whites, manta rays, schooling hammerheads, whales and dolphins of all types are personal favorites. Has dived the Caribbean, South Africa, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, South America’s Galapagos Islands, Micronesia, Hawaii, and lovely dark water accident and crime scenes.

Golfer on an elusive quest to “just get consistently decent” at this loopy game. Likes the scenery, nature, walking with interesting people. Has had two holes-in-one so far, anticipates more. Started as a caddie, became a part-time greenskeeper later in life. Teed it up in Scotland, England, and Ireland. Has strongly advocated that the hole be doubled in size; hasn’t heard back yet on this from the USGA, or the Royal and Ancient.

Comedian, amateur, has never been paid. Standup, skits, event emcee, charity auctioneer, valedictorian – no weddings or birthday parties please.

Miscellaneous bonus careers: Fancy doorman, gas station attendant, drummer in a bagpipe band (awesome!), lifeguard, janitor, mechanic’s helper, airport limo driver, nocturnal office cleaner, others I can’t remember.