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New book in the works, Trust Your Radar – Slackers’ Edition!

Slackers of the world rejoice! We know you just can’t read a full length self-improvement book. And you don’t want your slacker friends to see you carrying a physical book around, that could explode your rep.

So, Derby Press is planning to release a special Slackers’ Edition ebook of Trust Your Radar. Same clear, real world advice, just in a short, easy to read, easy to hide format. You won’t get the background, evidence, or fun stories of the full version; but you will get the message. Then you can resume your important slacker daily activities. Stay tuned for more info.

Aurora Shooting, Brain Radar Jammers

I’ve been away from the internet machine, honing my scuba skills. (Unreliable wi-fi under the ocean.)

Recently surfaced and heard big story: Aurora Colorado shootings. Tragedy in spades.

Brace yourselves – we’re in for weeks of traumatized, tearful, contradictory interviews about ‘God’s will saved me,’ ‘My prayers were answered,’ candlelight vigils, memorial services, group hugs, truly sad tales of young peoples’ life cycles abruptly ended by dumb high speed projectiles.

Multiple brain Radar Jammers will be prominently displayed: real brain disorders (my early guess is onset of schizophrenia for the shooter), seeing intention in random acts, religion, it’s too complicated to understand god’s plan, anger, grief, and others.

There’s a chapter in Trust Your Radar about personal safety and guns. As a cop, I came to see guns as an updated version of archaic “Revolutionary War technology with no do-overs.”  Therein lies the real problem that needs our attention. If the delusional shooter had a baseball bat and even his tear gas, this would have been a far less tragic event.

Media Release


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A new self-improvement book, Trust Your Radar, shows young adults, teens, and parents how to avoid the major sand traps of life that snag every generation. Sand traps like: bad relationships, bad decision making, financial disasters, substance overuse, accidents, health trouble, even becoming a crime victim.

Author C.B. Brooks, M.D. gives practical, real life advice spiced with engaging, funny, and memorable stories from his careers as a Surgeon, Firefighter, Police Officer, Scuba Divemaster, Golfer, Comedian, and others.

3 helpful concepts for a better life:
Identify your Radar – It’s your brain functioning optimally; not a vague intuition or sixth sense.

Train your Radar – Stock your memory bank with key information on health, weight, tattoos, safety, getting organized, respectful relationships, going to college or work. Cut through noise with clear thinking on evaluating people, investments, credit cards.
Learn the most dangerous toxic personality types and avoid them like the plague.

Meet the Radar Jammers – They have the power to turn down or turn off our brain Radars. Some are well known: alcohol, drugs, peer pressure, infatuation, anger, multitasking. Others are surprising: showing off, fake complexity, pushy religions, the need for speed, competition, and even fast food. Learn specific techniques to deal with them all.

Trust Your Radar is available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon and ebook at Barnes and Noble and Smashwords
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