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Things that turn down or turn off our clear thinking Brain Radar.

Dallas Cowboy Football Players – Crash, Death and Arrest

What brain Radar Jammers were at play leading up to this tragedy?

Dallas Cowboys  tackle Joshua Price-Brent was arrested for intoxicated manslaughter  after a single vehicle roll-over crash killed his passenger, Jerry Brown Jr., who had been a  teammate.

Pretty clear in retrospect. First, lots of alcohol followed by driving. Second, excessive  speed causing a rollover when the car hit a curb (which would not have flipped at a slower speed). Third, 2:21 am, remember the old police saying, “Nothing good happens after midnight.” Fourth, maybe some showing off?

End result: one death, another life derailed with a second-degree felony intoxicated manslaughter charge which carries a sentence of two to 20 years in prison, traumatized families, teammates, fans and friends.

Remember: brain Radar Jammers like to travel in packs and can have tragic results.


Petraeus Scandal: Radar Jammers on Parade

The Petraeus scandal. What a cast of characters: CIA Director, four star generals, an aggressive biographer (with a ghost writer of course), a social climbing drama queen, and throw in a shirtless FBI man for comic relief. Even by Soap Opera standards this is far-fetched. Yet here we are in the real world. What’s jamming these peoples’ brain radars?

Trust Your Radar readers will recognize a entire parade of Radar Jammers. Sexual attraction is all over the place. Competition between two women is in the mix. Bullying behavior brought the whole mess to government and public attention courtesy of anonymous threatening e-mails. And clearly our drama queen shows many aspects of a Histrionic Personality Disorder.

Too bad the players didn’t know our Four Human Rating Scales and have the perspective to spot these Radar Jammers a mile away.

Uncle Shoots Girl in Skunk Costume


In Trust Your Radar’s chapter on Personal Safety, we took an objective view of guns – discussing what they can do for you, and the risks of shooting someone you know by mistake. Well, it’s getting near Halloween, so here’s your newest memorable example of family gun tragedy.

It seems a 9 year old girl was dressed in a black and white costume. When her uncle spotted her outside, he concluded she was in fact a fragrant skunk and jumped into action, shooting her with a shotgun.

Trust Your Radar readers will instantly recognize a flawed decision process, brain radar jammers in operation, and a lethal old-world technology with no do-overs.

Nashville Terrorism Arrest – Religion’s a Big Radar Jammer

A Muslim woman was arrested in Nashville, for threatening to kill her co-workers because they were non-believers in her religion. She was charged with attempted terrorism.

According to the Metro Police report, the 29 year old said, “… this place (her work place) is full of non-believers; that all unbelievers should die; that her life starts after death; that her life is not here, … and she should pick up a gun and shoot all these people.”

How nice!

Let’s not debate the charges, the details, the level of threat; let’s just look at the thinking. This person has bought into the teachings of her religion. Her brief statement contains multiple examples of how her brain radar has been jammed by religious teachings. As we approach yet another 9/11 anniversary, it’s clear she isn’t alone.

It’s not only Islam (although they currently lead the league in violence). Christians kill doctors who care for women. Jews fight Palestinians, refuse to stop building illegal settlements, and have nuclear weapons. Here’s the point: examine your own religious beliefs. Do they make sense, or have you just accepted them since childhood? Time to look this radar jammer in the eye and ask some clear, simple questions.


Lance Armstrong Radar Jammers: Competition, Performance Enhancing Drugs

News reports today show that seven time Tour de France bicycle champion Lance Armstrong will drop his continued fight against claims of using banned performance enhancing drugs. He will be stripped of his titles, Olympic medal, and past awards, but still denies the charges.

No matter how you personally feel about his case, Trust Your Radar readers know that people who exhibit an intense competitive streak, a “win at all costs” mentality, are really showing their brain radar is jammed by this potent desire.

We also know that desire leads many to cheat with performance enhancing drugs. Accusations of Armstrong’s use of steroids, Human Growth Hormone (HGH), and red blood cell booster Erythropoeitin (EPO), have long haunted him. These drugs are favorites of past convicted cycling champions.

The competition radar jammer pushes people way up on our Human Hardness Scale and has many negative implications. Performance enhancing drugs are suspected any time extraordinary athletic feats are recorded, rapid body modifications occur, or older athletes make “remarkable comebacks.”


Personality Disorder types are hazardous to your health

As a Trust Your Radar reader, you’ve learned about the evil Personality Disorders in Chapter 35. You’ve learned how to spot them and take evasive action. You’ve also learned that medicine doesn’t have any cures for these folks who wreck other peoples’ lives.

Bad bosses exhibit those toxic traits displayed in the always troublesome Personality Disorders. Now the scientific community has demonstrated that working for “Bad bosses” injures your health. USA Today reporter Sharon Jayson wrote an article covering the findings of the American Psychological Association

Aurora Shooting, Brain Radar Jammers

I’ve been away from the internet machine, honing my scuba skills. (Unreliable wi-fi under the ocean.)

Recently surfaced and heard big story: Aurora Colorado shootings. Tragedy in spades.

Brace yourselves – we’re in for weeks of traumatized, tearful, contradictory interviews about ‘God’s will saved me,’ ‘My prayers were answered,’ candlelight vigils, memorial services, group hugs, truly sad tales of young peoples’ life cycles abruptly ended by dumb high speed projectiles.

Multiple brain Radar Jammers will be prominently displayed: real brain disorders (my early guess is onset of schizophrenia for the shooter), seeing intention in random acts, religion, it’s too complicated to understand god’s plan, anger, grief, and others.

There’s a chapter in Trust Your Radar about personal safety and guns. As a cop, I came to see guns as an updated version of archaic “Revolutionary War technology with no do-overs.”  Therein lies the real problem that needs our attention. If the delusional shooter had a baseball bat and even his tear gas, this would have been a far less tragic event.

Radar Jammer: Anger escalates to Shoe Throwin’ and Gun Pullin’

Great example of two humans climbing up their personal anger scales, past the ‘last chance point’ to anger-down, past the ‘danger level’ and into the zone of shoe throwing and gun pulling!

You don’t even need English sub-titles to see where this is going! Knowledge of the Anger Radar Jammer and our Trust Your Radar anger management strategies would have clearly helped!