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America has a gun problem

The tragedy list continues: Newtown school massacre, Virginia Tech, Columbine, Gabby Giffords, Aurora movie theater; even 4 volunteer firefighters were shot, 2 fatally, while responding to a residential structure fire at 5:35 am in Webster, NY.

The public mourns, then becomes desensitized, then moves on. Politicians are afraid to confront the issue, and the National Rifle Association’s leader calls for even more guns.

Trust Your Radar readers have a unique perspective on guns: pre-Revolutionary War technology with no do-overs. We’re aware of their uses and lethal consequences. People who want them for home or self protection would be far better off with a nonlethal Taser® that gives them a chance for escape to safety. But no, America loves firearms (and owns half the world’s supply). It’s time to move beyond this awful, obsolete, and recurrently tragic technology.


Oops, Watch Your Privacy Settings

“A party invitation which went viral on Facebook ended in rioting and injury after thousands of revelers descended on a small town in the Netherlands. A girl whose 16th birthday was being celebrated had not set her Facebook event to ‘private.’ What should have been an invite to a small-scale celebration was passed on to 30,000 people.”

Teens, Young Adults, and Parents: Social media is a two-edged sword. You can share info with your friends, but its also fertile hunting ground for stalkers, predators, and problem people. Check your privacy settings regularly because the online companies sometimes change them. Watch what identifying profile data and pictures you and your friends post. Don’t give any location information. Keep your radar on!

Aurora Shooting, Brain Radar Jammers

I’ve been away from the internet machine, honing my scuba skills. (Unreliable wi-fi under the ocean.)

Recently surfaced and heard big story: Aurora Colorado shootings. Tragedy in spades.

Brace yourselves – we’re in for weeks of traumatized, tearful, contradictory interviews about ‘God’s will saved me,’ ‘My prayers were answered,’ candlelight vigils, memorial services, group hugs, truly sad tales of young peoples’ life cycles abruptly ended by dumb high speed projectiles.

Multiple brain Radar Jammers will be prominently displayed: real brain disorders (my early guess is onset of schizophrenia for the shooter), seeing intention in random acts, religion, it’s too complicated to understand god’s plan, anger, grief, and others.

There’s a chapter in Trust Your Radar about personal safety and guns. As a cop, I came to see guns as an updated version of archaic “Revolutionary War technology with no do-overs.”  Therein lies the real problem that needs our attention. If the delusional shooter had a baseball bat and even his tear gas, this would have been a far less tragic event.