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Helpful, funny, upbeat personality, with a range of career experiences, who consolidates  practical advice and solutions into one comprehensive, fun, clear book for teens, young adults, and parents.

Areas of commentary: Celebrity implosions, bad behavior, personality disorders, alcohol and drugs, political or religious hypocrisy, personal finance, getting organized, health (weight control, safe sex, tattoos and piercings, mental well-being), personal safety and crime avoidance, career choice, “Brain Radar Jammers.”

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A new self-improvement book, Trust Your Radar, shows young adults, teens, and parents how to avoid the major sand traps of life that snag every generation. Sand traps like: bad relationships, bad decision making, financial disasters, substance overuse, accidents, health trouble, even becoming a crime victim.

Author C.B. Brooks, M.D. gives practical, real life advice spiced with engaging, funny, and memorable stories from his careers as a Surgeon, Firefighter, Police Officer, Scuba Divemaster, Golfer, Comedian, and others.

3 helpful concepts for a better life:
Identify your Radar – It’s your brain functioning optimally; not a vague intuition or sixth sense.

Train your Radar – Stock your memory bank with key information on health, weight, tattoos, safety, getting organized, respectful relationships, going to college or work. Cut through noise with clear thinking on evaluating people, investments, credit cards.
Learn the most dangerous toxic personality types and avoid them like the plague.

Meet the Radar Jammers – They have the power to turn down or turn off our brain Radars. Some are well known: alcohol, drugs, peer pressure, infatuation, anger, multitasking. Others are surprising: showing off, fake complexity, pushy religions, the need for speed, competition, and even fast food. Learn specific techniques to deal with them all.

Trust Your Radar is available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon and ebook at Barnes and Noble and Smashwords
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EMSWorld Interview Author Interview Q&A with CB Brooks, MD by Jason Busch

EMSWorld article

Author interview and excerpt from Trust Your Radar’s ‘Radar Jammer’ chapter: The Need for Speed, the results of which Emergency Medical workers deal with all too frequently. This is advice young people need to hear over and over!

July 2012, Pinestraw Magazine

June 2012, Paperback released on Amazon

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                  E-Book –  Smashwords:


April 2013, Trust Your Radar Slackers’ Edition released. Streamlined version for fast, easy reading – because slackers need help too!

                  Amazon, Slackers’ Edition link <– Click