Who’s This For


I don’t envy you! You’re going through a tough, tumultuous phase of life. 
You don’t want to be treated like a kid or lectured to.
 You do want to have fun.

Rarely has anyone given you the clear, honest information you need. 
Even more rarely, mixed it with fun and memorable stories, so your brain computers can recall it.
 No one is born with this knowledge pre-programmed.
 Most adults never figure it out.

As teenagers, you’re dealing with some major issues:
 relationships and sex, alcohol and drugs, driving, going to college or leaving home, your personal safety, choosing a career, even “Should I get a tattoo?”

You’ll learn workable approaches to these and more – plus fun examples from my adventures in surgery, firefighting, scuba diving, comedy, and police work.
No preaching here.
 Give it a try! I think you’ll like it.

20 and 30 Year Olds

Congratulations, you’ve survived your teenage years. 
It’s never easy. Some may have already lost friends to traffic accidents, addictions, or crimes.

As 20 and 30 year olds, there are still some major sand traps of life ahead of you. Trust Your Radar gives you clear, honest information in areas you’ll be dealing with: love and marriage, money, investing, credit cards, careers, even how to identify problem people – and keep them from making your life miserable!

You’ll also meet the Radar Jammers – things that turn down or turn off our clear thinking brain radars. Some are obvious, others very surprising. These Jammers upend the lives of countless adults.

Come on! It’s time someone told you these things.


I know what you’re worried about. 
You dread that awful phone call with terrible news about your son or daughter. 
I don’t blame you; I’m a parent too.

The life-altering sand traps that teenagers and young adults can get into are terrifying.
 You try to teach them, but they tune you out.

That’s why I wrote Trust Your Radar, to relay and reinforce the key information they need. Honest advice about personal safety, health, decision making, savings and debt, driving, and how to identify good people – and avoid bad ones.

Workable strategies and plenty of memorable examples are provided from my careers as a surgeon, police officer, firefighter, scuba divemaster, and others.

Give this gift to every kid you care about. 
You want your kids to know these things!