I don’t envy you! You’re going through a tough, tumultuous phase of life.
 You don’t want to be treated like a kid or lectured to.
 You do want to have fun.

Rarely has any book given you the clear, honest advice you need. 
Even more rarely, mixed it with fun and memorable stories, so your brain computers can recall it.
 No one is born with this knowledge pre-programmed.
 Most adults never figure it out.

As teenagers, you’re dealing with some major issues:
 relationships and sex, alcohol and drugs, driving, going to college or leaving home, your personal safety, choosing a career, even “Should I get a tattoo?”

You’ll learn workable approaches to these and more – plus fun examples from my adventures in surgery, firefighting, scuba diving, comedy, and police work.
No preaching here.
 Give Trust Your Radar a try! I think you’ll like it.